Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Scrap space pics and a litle share..

Well I thought that I would post some pic of my new space, now I haven't put any pics on the wall and still have a bit of fine tuning to do...But at least I have a space now.

Bella Forever at my side, The dogs have the own space in my room as well consider at least one of the dogs is with me all the time. I'm thinking I will have to put the other bed in the room somewhere as well!
Now no room can be put back together without some addition, I somehow conned my hubby into making me this....
A ribbon holder yay.. now it's nice a neat and easy to access... Thanks Hubby!! I did try to help but he doesn't like me to touch the big power tools (he worries I might cut my finger off).
And just a quick share, I still can't believe that I have got 4 LO completed this week!
This is Jake's 6th birthday, not really in love with this LO but another one for the album and another occasion to remember in the future!


  1. Hi Karen, thanks for your comment on my blog...seems we all wonder the same thing :) & I myself am guilty of not always commenting ;)
    I love your new scrap area, looks brilliant & spacious...must explain those 4 layouts :) Sweet hubby to make the ribbon holder, great way to see them all. I think your layout is fab, love the background misting...brilliant boys page!

  2. Thanks paula, appreciate the comments. I think the new scrap space might have something to do with the number of LO completed.