Friday, August 31, 2012


First of all thanks for coming to visit, I do love visitors. When asked if I wanted to again participate in another blog hop, I of course said yes, and then the Idea of a colour theme came up, that was all good and then the colour was suggested YELLOW. OMG would have to be my least favourite colour, and while looking for yellow for the past few weeks, it would appear that I don't wear yellow, I don;t scrap yellow and I don't really have anything yellow. But going through my pics I remembered I did have something yellow.

Nearly 6 mths ago I finally got to get chickens!! I had to wait 10 years lol. I'm know I am pretty sad, every since I was little I and use to spend a bit of time with My Nan, and she had soooo many chickens, along with ducks and dreaded geese (insert big shiver) I don't like geese. But I always wanted to have my own free range eggs. After we brought out new property with a couple of acres, quite a change from our suburban yard. My hubby finally agreed to to let me have chickens. Now came the task of finding time to make them a house and yard. We had a cubby house that was no longer used with my little fella 6 and not into cubby houses, that was to become the coop. So for my birthday this year I requested that My lil brother and hubby with a little help from my brother in law,  to build me a chicken yard. It looks like this....

They are very cleaver aren't they, we have since built another yard onto it as well, more space for them to roam.

These are our little chicks and mother that where given to us, We still have all of them including 3 roosters (lovely at 4:30, let me tell you!!! My little fella just adores them all and cuddles and picks them up everyday, including the roosters. He is now waiting patiently for one to go broody to catch babies chicks for the first time.

I mean come on how cute are they little YELLOW fluffy balls of cute.
And with all the chicks come of course the good part, The eggs, record today of 8 eggs collected in the one day. We have an inudation of eggs at the moment and have to have egg night once a week, Could think of worse for tea!
and before I go just a little page of the new pets that I did a while ago, Karen's Funny Farm!
Well thanks for visiting as I am first on the list here is where you are headed from here.
Enjoy the hop I will follow you around to see what the girls have put together!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kraft it Up and The Scrapbook store challenges

Just a really quick post, sleep deprivation has set in (yawn) so tired. Another challenge that I completed this weekend was a sketch challenge at Kraft It up. The sketch looked like this
this is what I came up with, not completely happy but arrrr another memory!! The pics of my Niece's are soooo cute, cuddled up together. Sweet.

And now for The Scrapbook Store sketch challenge, this is the first time I have had a go over there, Loved the sketch and happy with the result for this one. So the sketch looked like this...
 And this is what I came up with..
I made the sketch a little bigger taking up most of the page, Love all the little embellies. This LO really does suit my Daughter, she loves to sing all the time, everyday, Some day she drives me nuts because she literally doesn't stop. Just recently she made me very proud... She sang in front of her school, a High school non the less too. With her being only in grade 7, I'm really not too sure where she got her confidence from, but am very proud that she had the drive to go for her dreams xxx
Thanks for coming by to visit.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Scrappy weekend

I had my Sisters up this weekend from the West Coast for a scrappy weekend, Oh my late late nights and early mornings. Earliest bed time was 2am and 7am wake up. Needless to say that today I am soooo tired. But it was a good weekend, I made lasagna for tea the night before they all arrived so that we wouldn't have to worry about what to have, which turned out really well. Yummy
Before we started scrapping we visited just about every scrap store on the North West coast for a little bit of shopping including Spot Light. My Niece was so good while we were shopping we had a little bit of fun in Spot light with the masks. She is sooo cute.

Nice little Selfie in there as well lol.
This last picture of my Niece has a funny story that I wanted to share, while sitting in spotlight waiting for some fabric to be cut, She say "Aunty Karen you have green eyes" Me "yes I do" Skye "what colour are mine" Me "yours are blue" Skye " not their not your just tricking me. Me" Yes they are I'll take a picture to show you. Click Skye" I don't want blue I want green like you. Then We have to convince her by saying that it's OK cause her Mummy has blue eyes to, she is OK with this now and then as we are walking out she say " I will change and have green eyes next week" LOL how cute is she???
OK onto the scrapping news....
I completed the least amount of pages with a total amount 5 pages completed. I did complete the 6th one yesterday after the girls had left yesterday and still have a few on my list to complete. Think I will have a go again tonight, feeling crabby and frustrated so might make me feel better, grrrr one of those day. Guessing it has something to do with lack of sleep and having trouble sleeping with Hubby not home. lucky Hubby is living it up in Singapore, Nice for some hey. ( He is actually work but at least in not the mundane usual I guess).
Anyway on with what I actually got completed.....
I completed the Scrap the boy challenge for this month, the challenge was to use/ be inspired by your children's art work.

Loving these pics of my little fella, he loves to come scrapping with me, when he feels like it. He always pics out the same stamp set to play with, Stampin Ups monster I have used the little monster that he stamped and coloured. I think that they are sooo cute and he does a good job. You can see from the pick that he is pretty pleased with his efforts.
And next I had a go at a couple of Stuck?! sketches. First one is Bonus Sketch #2
This is what the sketch looked like.

And this is what I came up with, looks a little plain compared to usual.
A cute pic of My Daughter and our dog Bella, Bella is so hard to get a good pic of because she is so dark. Papers all Stampin Up, was a great sketch to use up some scraps.
And then the next one I had a go at was Stucks August 15th Sketch. It looks like
And this is what I came up with.
I did a mirror image of this one. Really love the colours in this LO and the pic of My Hubby and Niece are pretty cute really. She is showing her colours on Australia Day. I have used Material instead of the usual PP.

I know it's a long post and if you got this far thanks for looking. Please come back again will put some more pages up soon.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Challenge for the Month

I'm a bit slack on the challenges this month...... But have 3 Sister coming to scrap with me all next weekend, and I am so excited about it, can't wait. Hubby will be in Singapore and kids will be organised (lucky I don't have young ones and they can feed themselves lol) I have next Thursday and Friday off and we will hit the scrap shops on Friday ready to get lots completed. List of Challenges to do......
But I have completed the challenge at Anna's Scrap cupboard, I love a good sketch challenge, makes it easier knowing where to put the papers.
I decided to scrap one of my fav pics of My Best friend and I, taken at My Hubby's 30th Birthday a few years ago. Feel that we don't get to see each other very often anymore, with a new baby in her house and me working everyday, Life just seems to move to fast.
Anyway here is what the sketch looked like.
And here's what I did. I really did stick to the sketch on this one.

I find it really hard to get nice pics of my pages with white background. Anyone got any good tips. Took them in full light, maybe need to take on better camera instead of Iphone?? But phone makes it soooo easy he he.

TFL and come back soon, let me know you have been for a visit too!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another workshop this weekend done!

Well life has been a little busy, with workshops on the West Coast in Queenstown, Lots happening every couple of weeks, time for a bit of me scrapping this weekend....

With out delay, Here is a workshop that I did for the CWA, wasn't a huge turn out but I had fun creating this little Father's Day gift idea. Even if I was still creating at 2.30am on the morning of the workshop, due to be in Queenstown at 1pm (a 2 1/2 hour drive) with another workshop to do that night also, not even put together yet mind you. I so wish that I was one of those super organised people, like one of my Best Friends, actually I would be happy with just organised leaving the super lol.

Anyway here is a couple of pics of the first class...

Not a great pic (can't wait for my studio to arrive for much better pics) Inside the card I have created a little pocket for a gift card or some scratchies of something like that.

And the next one was a page of course, It was a quick put together after being really stressed out after a call from my Husband to say that our dogs had gone missing grrrr.
I really like how it turned out, loving the backgroud that I created using a mask and stamps!

Loving the stars

TFL Peeps, come back soon to see what I have been up to, and what challenges I can get done this month. Have my Sisters coming up toward the end of the month, so I am starting my list of to do now. You know how you plan a scrappy day and then sit there with your mojo gone AWOL

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A delayed announcement

Well better late than never...... I have some exciting new that I have had to keep a secret for a little while. For those that frequent a certain challenge site, you may have seen a little pic of me somewhere.....
I have been accepted to be apart of none other than, SCRAP THE GIRLS yay me!!

Have a look at this months challenge it is a great one using STARS. Which happens to be one of my favourite things to put on my page.

Check out the challenge and the other gorgeous examples HERE

Here is my sample

This is my gorgeous Niece at the park, she has features on lots of my LO's lately. But she is soooo cute how can I not!

Winner winner!!!

Sorry about the delayed post.... Life has gotten in the way once again!!!
And the winner is....... drum roll.......

Natalie! and she said:-
Winter is my favourite time to scrap that's for sure. I tend to spend more time on the computer looking at everyone gorgeous work and this year for the first time I have started to join in the Blog hops. Loving all the stunning work I see, and your 2 LO’s here are really gorgeous, those pink spotches on the kraft really caught my eye. Another blog to frequently visit for sure.

Please email me your details, so I can get your little pressie in the mail to you :)