Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scrap the boys design Team!!!!

I have had to keep this quiet for a few weeks now, But I can finally reveal that I am now part of the Scrap the Boys design team!!!! ............... So excited I get to play with some awesome girls who's work I admire. This is the first Design team that I have been apart (actually the first one I have ever applied to be on). I am so super excited and feel very lucky to be apart of it all for the next 6mths. Those that have never looked at the website..... It is a dedicated boys/men challenge site. Great place to showcase those very special males in our lives. Why not head over to the website and check out the challenges and give it ago at http://www.scraptheboys.blogspot.com/

Monday, August 29, 2011

Well.... Not a lot of scrappin happening here....

This month has just flown by!!! I can't believe that it is the end of the month already. I have had one of those months that I would just like to forget. Having family issues that some how become my problem (as they usually do) And then my beautiful dog Zara has been really sick. Took her into the vet 2 weeks ago as she wasn't eating, vomiting and really lethargic. Turns out that she has Cancer :( So it has been lots of visits back to the vet since and lots of tears. But I am happy to report that I took her in today to get her stitches out and she is having a good day. They tell me as long as the good days out weigh the bad ones she OK. But the bill is huge $$$$$. How far would you go for your four legged child (As I call her lol).
Took some pics of her today and thought I would share.

Look at her shaved belly from the op. She looks so shiny in this pic you wouldn't think that she was sick!!

Yes she is a Rottie, but she is the most gorgeous girl, such a sook really. I have only had her for a year but she was the dog that I had to have. She strayed into our yard not long after me moved into our new house. I think there was a reason for it because I don't think that they would have paid for her treatment. Fingers crossed that she will be with me for a while yet.
Love you Zar Zar