Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Share

Well now that I finally have a scrap room back the pages have been rolling out (not sure how long it will keep up) I am loving getting surrounded by papers and bling and all things scrappy. I have start a new position at the Bank now, well it is one I have done before but now with the hours changed. I now work from 10-3 monday-friday and find that I am not so tired after getting home from work and have an hour or maybe two before I have to start on tea and other motherly duties (you know the one that never end lol). So I am loving my new time, but I really need to fit in some exercise I guess it's all about balance.

Well enough of my dribble, not sure if anyone actually reads it anyway.....
First LO is one of my Son and my youngest Brother (ok so the youngest one is my son) A great time running around posing for me with their nerf guns. Those parents out there with boys know who much fun it is to find them bloody bullets EVERYWHERE!!!! Argghh drive me nuts picking them up all the time or taking them out of the dogs mouth!

I used Echo park paper and the packaging from the nerf gun, tim holtz cog die, bottle top and fabric flag, embossing labeller.

The next one is a pic of My Hubby and Brother-In-Law on grand final day, they had had a few to drink as they both are Collingwood supporters.

My Hubby really does like this LO I know even though he say he doesn't he he..... Well that is about it for now I should really be getting to bed.... Well getting these kids to be I gotta say I am sooooo over them fighting tonight, Do any of you that read this have the same problem with your children? How do you deal with them? I find it easier to sometimes switch of and let them sort it out themselves.... I think ear plugs would be a great investment right about now!!

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