Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stuck sketch July Challenge

One of this months challenges at Stuck?! was a circle challenge, which is really not my forte. But sometimes we need to stretch ourselves. I let me tell you this one felt like a stretch. But I gave it ago won't say that I am completely happy with it BUT......

Anyway this is what the sketch looked like.

And this what what happened when I put paper and glue together..... hmmm......

These pics have a lot of meaning to me and My Family. When I was growing up we always went to the Strahan for the picnic. It is always a great family day, with races for the kids, prizes and lots of lollies. Brit has taken to going in the Senior picnic girl parade, and won in 2011. She gets all her Aussie gear on with pride and this year added the addition of her Dad's squashie hat. She does look very Australian!! I love that it's a day that the kids look forward to, just like I did as a kid and now we all share it as a family. Even my husband as I enter in the different competitions like nail hammering, throwing the gumboot, stepping the chain and of course the egg and spoon race LOL. How more Australian can you get!!!It really is a great day. Do you have a tradition for Australia Day, how do you celebrate??

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