Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family day at Chocolate Winterfest.

Just got back from a lovely day at Latrobe, for Chocolate Winterfest, and wasn't it a lovely winter day. There was sooo much wind a little rain and a one point it did look like it was trying to snow!!!
Took a few pics that I will share, there wasn't a lot for the kids to do, but it was just so nice to have a family day out for a change. Even if Jake was a little whiny to start, you know the usually I want, when are we going here. You all know what I'm talking about. It's hard for a 6yo to just enjoy wandering and looking without having to purchase something at every stop.

Jack, Brit and Jakey on the Shuttle bus heading to Anvers Chocolate factory.
Jake and Britty favourite taste was the vanilla truffles. Jack got left to each both of the kids butterscotch fudge got a little sickly!!!
Kids at Anvers. Give me chocolate NOW!!

Here is that Grumpy little man that I was telling you about. Having to be doing something fun 100% of the time!!

A nice pic of my gorgeous family, I am quite lucky to have them all!!

 Cheeky Monkey happy now to be on the move!!

 This was My attempt to take a pic of us all on the track, as you can see didn't quite work out. Can only see Jakey's hat lol. But was funny trying.

All of the above pic were taking on a walk back to the craft shop on the old railway track at Latrobe.
Love the pic of my hubby, Have a class next weekend a doing a male LO, might have to get this one printed to feature on the class page???? Don't usually get too many nice pics of him he he.

I haven't been too well this weekend so no crafty stuff to show you, but I suppose the night is still young.
Thanks for looking. Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

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  1. Great pix Karen. Looks like it was typical winterfest weather! At least the sun came out a little while. Hope you're feeling better soon. Kx