Friday, September 28, 2012

Glad you had TIME to stop by!!

Hi thanks for popping on by for our monthly blog hop, This months theme was TIME suggested by me as it seems that I have a shortage of time, and of course it can't be from poor time management lol. NEVER.
Isn't it funny how we are always complain about not having enough time to get the things done that we want to get done. How much time would be enough??? What would you really do if you had TIME to do it? Oh I could think of so much. Sometime is probably not time that is the problem but maybe motivation? Maybe?
I am someone that doesn't worry if the house is spotless, and can quite happy sit in a messy room, taking some me time and scrapping my little heart out and making more mess. Where the rest of my family have to have everything all neat and tidy and torment me at every chance about my house keeping efforts. But they know I wil never change.
 If only I physically got what I had in mind, OMG I would achieve so much, I gotta tell you that I am not the most organised person and most of the time I do leave everything to the last minute ( ummm that's why I am still getting my blog post done late Thursday night hmmmm) But my Best Friend always says that yes I do leave things to the last minute and there is no point in nagging me, but I do seem to always get there in the end. (maybe a little late he he)
I spend most of my time running around after the kids, cooking, attempting to clean & tidy and can't resist some me time wether that be scrapbooking or just looking at all the insparation on the big wide web (since doscovering blogging, it's a whole new ball game of jacking my TIME)  it still me time,and everyone needs me time!!

Here's some pics from a recent weekend that I had with my Sister combo's, We scrapped all weekend, not much sleep was had. Still can't stay up as late a Loren. OMG night owl.

Here's is a couple of recent LO, where I have been playing with the Just released, Butterfly Kisses from Kaisercraft. I was lucky to get to play with it a little early when asked to do some work for my local scrapbooking store, Bev's Cross Craft.
Here they are............

How cute is this pic of My little Niece, Isn't she just adorable. This one always make me think I'm gonna getcha...... It's a very bright page hey!

This one I played with texture paste a crafters workshop template and then just coloured some of the words with markers. The title is a WOW one that I have cut up to separate the words and then just coloured and used a white pen around the outside. Love this LO, the pics a so cool of My daughter and her friend on a recent sleepover!!
This one is another of one of my Nieces, How fast do the little ones catch on to technology now, OMG. Here is Skye paying with her Ice Pod as she calls it, She uses it to play games, what a look of concentration.

I was very lucky to get to play with this great range. If you live in Tassie or on visit the North West coast pop into Bev's and have a look and some of the great stuff that she has available!!
 I hope that you have made TIME to get around to all the girls to have a look at what Fabulous stuff they have put together, you should have come from Chloe's and on to see Kerri next.
Here is the list Just in case you get lost and need to come back to find your way again
                                           Karen That's me and you are here

Well thankyou for taking the TIME to come a visit and if you have got this far, boy you need a medal. Please let me know that you have been by leaving me a comment. Have a great weekend and make sure that you take some TIME out to do something for your selves. And last by not least......

See you back here soon!


  1. Super pages, love the bright happy colours :-). And your scrapping weekend sounds like fun!!

  2. Enjoyed your post!! It made me smile, all said is so true hope you enjoy your weekend too!!!

  3. Your post made me giggle ... how different we all are and how what is important to one isn't as much too another. Great layouts and lucky you to get away and scrap with friends, yay!

    xx M

  4. I enjoyed reading your take on time. :) fab LOs too! Friday is my day of me time, so I'm whiling it away blog hopping hehe.

  5. Ha, ha... Ice pod! That's just too cute! Your layouts are gorgeous!

  6. So true about the time stuff, but I do have more of it than you! Love your LO's, I like those papers more and more each time I see them. And yep, I am a night owl!!

  7. Have to agree with you on the time thing...I'd swear someone is tricking us & taking some of it away from us - there just never seems to be enough.

    Loved seeing your gorgeous creations

  8. Wonderful layouts and I love the pink one with your cute little niece's photo.